Ripley 5'9 R-CARBON


  • Dimensions: 5'9" x 19 1/2" x 2 3/8" (29.3 liters)
  • Fin assemblies: Tri-quad (5 boxes) - FCS2



Intended for level surfers intermediate to confirmed looking for performance.

The RIPLEY is an ultra modern thruster offering forward volume. The buoyancy is perfect and the sought-after balance between performance and comfort characterizes the spirit of this model.

The surfer can get under the front foot for the responder and the necessary boost when the conditions are well established

  • Payment in installments free of charge available 
  • Delivery France and Europe - dispatch within 24/48h
  • Made with love in France

R-CARBON: Upcycled carbon technology 

Lightness and resistance 

Carbon is inherently stronger and lighter.

The vacuum assembly gives it additional resistance as well as a more homogeneous result.


Carbon fiber reacts quickly to pressure and creates a much greater spring effect than traditional fiberglass.

It is this rebound effect that provides an additional speed gain.

Environmentally friendly

The carbon fiber used in the construction comes from non-compliant materials from the manufacture of the AIRBUS A380. 

By starting from waste that has not undergone any transformation or intermediate treatment between collection and the manufacturing process of the board, its environmental impact is even lower. 

Carbon fiber fabrics