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Ecofriendly surfboards Made in France

Ecofriendly surfboards Made in France

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"BLACKBIRD": aerial FOIL surfing

Upcycled aeronautical materials in a surf foil float? It is possible and we have done it! Lightness and performance at the rendezvous...

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"QUARTZ": a skateboard with a unique design

Made in France in collaboration with Rekiem, our QUARTZ model is a cruiser designed for mobility, but also to allow you to do tricks and bowl. 

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Our surfboards 

Our surfboards are handcrafted since 2009 in our Anglet workshop in the Basque Country. They are available in 5 technologies of construction (cork, recycled EPS, linen, white beech or upcycled carbon), all bearing the label ECOBOARD GOLD. Choose a model, and personalize it according to your desires.

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Our eco-technologies

Choosing the right surfboard

Go directly to the board advisor or learn all technical parameters to know to choose your board! 

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Who Are We?

We locally manufacture, sustainable surfboards.

NOTOX's founding values ​​tell a story exciting and unique, whether through our team and our innovations.

Our mission makes us a amazing company : we are different, and we have always wanted it.

Get to know us better
Get to know us better

NOTOX is also a big family, which always grows a little more. Discover those who share our values ​​and who represent us, with you!

Our ambassadors
Our ambassadors

We made environmental consciousness and social care our cornerstone.

Find out here what concrete the actions that we have put in place to limit our impact on the environment, to preserve the health of our shapers or to explore new avenues to meet the specific needs of disabled surfers

Our commitments
Our commitments

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