Rescue and race boards for lifeguards!

The context

For lifeguards, the rescue board is a tool of the first importance, it allows to act quickly, to be stationed on the water, to increase the surveillance capacity by being as close as possible to the swimmers ... but it is very exposed when used in critical conditions.

Conventional boards easily get damaged, and the lifeline mountings around the boards often crack and let the foam core suck water.

And a board in poor condition ends up delaminating, limiting its lifespan. An alternative had to be found… It was with the help of Jean-Philippe Savy (head of the Lette Blanche first-aid station in Vielle-Saint-Girons) that we have imagined a RESCUE that is more sustainable, more ecological and more suited to the needs of professionals.

A more reliable and durable rescue board

This bio-sourced and sustainable RESCUE project in Landes cork was supported by the municipality of Vielle-Saint-Girons, which acquired the first models.

Since the summer of 2020, the first prototypes have been tested in real conditions at the Lette Blanche and the results have met expectations:

  • lighter : 8kg for a model 9'0 x 23.25 x 5.12 and a 161 litres volume.
  • easier to use: thanks to the many improvements, resulting of the ideas of skilled lifeguards.
  • more durable over time: 1 - these boards cannot suck on water, 2 - they have a full grip (thanks to the cork) and 3 - can be repaired and overhauled almost indefinitely (with an estimated nominal lifespan of 7 years)
  • greener and more local: as for our KORKO construction, we use materials from recycled and renewable resources as much as possible (recycled extruded polystyrene and 56% bio-sourced epoxy resin), but also cork grown and processed in the Landes, 40km from our workshop!

This RESCUE board should appeal to many rescue stations, as is already the case in Hossegor, Seignosse or Capbreton, Anglet (SNSM), as elsewhere ...

RESCUE competition boards

These cork RESCUE boards have also inspired the coaches of coastal rescue competitors. To find out more about these special boards, do not hesitate to contact Yoann Coedel from Nature Sports at PLOEMEL in the 56.