Limited edition: NOTOX x Luc Rolland surfboards

Unique surfboards integrating our know-how and the art of Luc Rolland

From today you can order a NOTOX surfboard personalized to your profile and painted on the hull (under the board) from the hands of Luc Rolland. 

How to order? 

  • Go to page "Full catalog"
  • Choose your model (with our help if you wish 😊) and go to its product page
  • Configure it and check the box "Painting by Luc Rolland" in the "Construction & Options" section of the configurator on the product page 
  • Click on "Add to Cart" and indicate the signature you wish to write on the back of the board as well as the colors you have chosen (3 max) in the insert of the pop-up that appears. 
  • Then follow the different steps until the order confirmation !

⚠️ Attention: This option is only available for boards with recycled EPS, GREENFLEX or R-CARBON construction. 

Luc Rolland, a remarkable artist from brush to plane

Luc Rolland is an artist multifaceted : painter, shaper, ceramist and visual artist for 15 years at Courrèges; he has nurtured his creativity since 1977 by exploring each of these practices. Creator at unique style, we distinguish his universe in each of his works.

His creations at bright colors scrunchie and singular forms capture the attention of those who observe them. In other words, they do not pass never unnoticed!

They have also been the subject of several exhibitions such as in Marseilles or Geneva and have recently attracted DEFLOW to collaborate with him. (benchmark company in the manufacture of fins). If you order a longboard, you can also equip it with a fin designed by Luc!


  • Decks on order, shaped by Benoit Rameix (shaper and co-founder NOTOX) and painted on the hull by Luc Rolland
  • Option cost: 50€ for shortboards / 100€ for midlength / 150€ for longboards
  • 3 colors max a choice
  • Only available for boards ordered with technology Recycled EPS, GREENFLEX or R-CARBON (upcycled carbon on top and fiberglass on the bottom so that the paint is visible) 
  • Time limit : 12 weeks