• Dimensions: 6'2" x 20.75 x 2.5" ( 35.9L liters)
  • Fin assemblies: Thruster Futures boxes
  • Black hull and carbon rail patch (custom linked to a canceled order)


Intended for intermediate to advanced level surfers looking for performance. The RIPLEY is an ultra-modern thruster offering volume offset towards the front. The buoyancy is perfect and the desired balance between performance and comfort characterizes the spirit of this model. The surfer can get under the foot before the responder and the necessary raise when the conditions are well established. Its roundtail will give you additional control in hollower conditions.  

  • Payment in installments free of charge available 
  • Delivery France and Europe - dispatch within 24/48h
  • Made with love in France

GREENONE: The power of flax fiber 

Performance, for every day

GREENONE technology is our performance construction made to face everyday conditions.

elasticity flax fiber absorbs vibrations more effectively. This elasticity gives the board a increased flexibility which allows to have smoother glide when the water is choppy. 

Almost 15 years of progress and development 

It is our first technology that we developed when we started in 2009. 

Throughout our existence, we have evolved the process more than ten times, trying different combinations of fabrics, iterating on the proportions of the materials to be integrated, etc... In short, from year to year we have developed and improve the technology so that it is the most successful today. 

Environmentally friendly

All the components of this technology are sourced and supplied locally within a perimeter less than 900 kilometers.

Linen, in addition to being a natural fibre, requires few resources for its culture!