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Intellectual property

PagePosition on pageA unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.Photographer / Owner
Home1Autoplay videoHotel Hungary
Home3Horizontal rackJohann garcia
Home4Man + Notox board + greeneryNotox Australia
Home5Surf noseride / watershotEliot boy
Home6Linen fiber drapeJohann garcia
Home7Surf noseride / watershot
Catalog boards1surf tubingNotox australia
Accessories catalog1
Technologies1Fiber cutHotel Hungary
Technologies2.2Linen drapingJohann garcia
Technologies2.3Notox GREENONE boardsJohann garcia
Technologies3.1Tree trunk / natureHotel Hungary
Technologies3.2Cork sandingJohann garcia
Technologies5.2Wood slat / shape finishesNeal badache
Technologies5.3Recycled Notox EPS boardHotel Hungary
About1Full video presentation of NotoxHotel Hungary
About2Lou Dever / Notox AustraliaNotox Australia
About9Romain Maurin / AmbassadorHoalen
About10Mael Laborde / Ambassador
About11Lost in the swell / AmbassadorsRonan Gladu
About12Eliott Coste / Ambassador
About13Clément Roseyro / Ambassador
About14Louis Marchiset / Ambassador
About15Benoit Moreau / Ambassador
About16Forest / EcologyHotel Hungary
About18Manufacturing / vacuum packingJohann garcia
About21Benoit Rameix / shape Neal badache
About22Shape / parallel roomsJohann garcia
FAQ 1Lost in the swell / EncampmentRonan Gladu
ContactShaper BenoitJohann garcia
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The NOTOX company would like to thank in particular for their participation in the construction of the site

  • Cenitz Studio, specialized in brand strategy and web design
  • Frédéric Pérès, head of digital performance at the Bayonne Pays Basque CCI
  • All the photographers / owners mentioned in the table above, and in particular Ronan Gladu, Lieke Lens (Hotel Hungary) and Johann Garcia 
  • Exigentia, Victor Duprez