Perfect for a vertical approach to surfing, these models are ideal for performing maneuvers in hollow sections of the wave. Rather intended for experienced surfers, these shapes will also be suitable for intermediate surfers in progress!

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Are you looking for a suitable board for summer sessions?
These models will allow you to gain speed and maintain good handling even in windy conditions.

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Versatile boards for maximum fun.
If you are beginner or beginner/intermediate, you will find your happiness here! 

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Whether it is to cross his footsteps to the nose or for the pleasure of pure gliding, the long waves are waiting for you! 

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Extreme conditions and big winter swells are your program for the board you are looking for?
You will be convinced by one of these models, which have already demonstrated their high reliability.
For experts looking for adrenaline.

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Our beginner boards are intended for beginner surfers in progress, looking for a board that is more "fun" and more efficient than a "foam" board.
They are designed to be surfed in conditions between 50cm and 1,20m.