Micro challenge "lowtech workshop"

When a necessary maintenance operation paralyzes part of the production tool and the activity must continue (while waiting), this prompts reflection.

To solve this "grain of sand" we decided to play a bit! What if we were to restart NOTOX from scratch? This is the starting point of this 3-day #lowtech micro challenge: “from zero to NOTOX”.

For this lowtech challenge, we were only allowed to keep our vacuum pump; everything else had to be 100% recovered (let's say 98% to be more realistic, we bought screws anyway…). All reclaimed materials are passed through: pallets, leftover lumber, curtain rods, scooter packaging boxes, false ceiling panels, wrapping film from our suppliers, cables and electrical outlets, etc., etc. ...

After a little discouragement, then renewed hope, a lot of patience and elbow grease, we were able to recreate a fully functional workspace, and resume normal activity (while waiting for the end of maintenance).

This challenge was both “fun” and very informative. We had to question ourselves what makes the absolute essential of NOTOX. We quickly realized that well beyond our workshop (rather very well equipped), our real strength was our know-how! And that this know-how does not require a lot of material to be able to express itself.

In addition, without wishing to learn from it the lessons of “entrepreneurial survivalism”, this challenge also showed us that in the end we have a very very low dependence on complex technologies (just a little electricity). Even if this seems trivial, it guarantees us to be able to maintain our activity in all types of circumstances, even very degraded ones (of course, as long as the link with our raw material suppliers remains operational).

Well here is a little "grain of sand" which will have occupied us well and will have taught us a lot of things!