The founding TED talk (2013)

Even if it may seem distant, since 2006, we have remained faithful to our same initial commitments: respect for Man and Nature.

This position gives a solid anchor to our project and guides us in our daily actions. This has also greatly contributed to the recognition of NOTOX as a pioneer of this movement in the board sports industry.

One of the key dates of this commitment was in December 2013, when NOTOX participated in a conference in the format TED, in the prestigious setting of Ministry of the Economy of Paris Bercy.

That evening, the stage was dedicated to “objects of the new industrial France”. The principle: innovative manufacturers who have benefited from state support come to tell the story of their flagship product, from the founding idea to its launch on the market. All this in front of an audience made up of numerous institutional players, from finance, industry players, and students.

If that evening, the heroes were indeed visionary industrialists, the idea was not necessarily to promote them individually, but to show and demonstrate that the image of French industry could change. , and flourish through virtuous models that are more respectful of people and the environment.

The rest, with our video intervention: flashback!