The history of NOTOX skateboards

2016: "Type P" and "Type C" skateboards

Our first skates date from 2016. It was a skate cruiser (the TYPE C) and a mini cruiser (the TYPE P). It was a limited series of 100 copies.

They were designed in solid local wood and produced by artisans in the Basque Country. We had imagined them for long curves and urban walks.

Unfortunately, the solid local wood (ideal to minimize the environmental impact) was too restrictive, because of its weight. Nevertheless, these skates were fun and had finally found their target of "lifestyle" riders.

The genesis of V2

Since then, we received a lot of requests to redo a skateboard. It was on the minds of the team and we said to ourselves that we had to rework the concept to end up with a skateboard that was much more fun to practice... and then Pierre embarked on the design of a new prototype.

The idea was to create a cruiser with style original faithful to the image of NOTOX. We thought of its shape so that it recalls our visual identity and at the same time so that it is very intuitive.

We wanted to offer possibilities in terms of tricks, and that it be as practical in a bowl as for an urban walk.

A shock team !

For that, we have surrounded ourselves with the best with Rekiem Skateboards, an iconic brand in the responsible manufacturing of skateboards in France and movie trucks, a company founded by Jeremiah Daclin, French skate legend.

Rekiem was created in 2006 and saw a few skate heavyweights in his team, like Vincent Snowy (French skateboarder at the Tokyo Olympics).

They have a vgenuine know-how in design but also in manufacturing. Being a neighbor, it was the opportunity to seize!

So they brought all their expertise to adapt the dimensions, the concaves so that it corresponds to our initial wish.

For the set up, Jérémie Daclin was also a great help. Renowned skateboarder on the French scene, he founded Film Trucks in 2000. .

We explained to him what we wanted to achieve in terms of sensations and results and very quickly knew how to direct us. to the adapted set up trucks and wheels.

Furthermore Film Trucks is a member of 1% for the planet, which means that the company donates part of its profits to associations that fight for the protection of the environment.

That's it, here we are! 

After the 6 months that elapsed between the first sketches and putting the skate online on our site, we are very happy to be able to offer you this new version of the cruiser according to NOTOX.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing and producing it!

Discover the Quartz cruiser